Vanilla, Caramel, Peach, Cafe au Lait, Cocoa & Chocolate. . . that is what we are - sweet, flavorful, soft & somewhat creamy. 

We are some of God's most precious gifts. 
Each delicious flavor represent all of the colorful sisters from all walks of life. 
Our vanilla sisters are just as sweet as our dark rich chocolates and all have been gifted with the same tantalizing organs that most men crave.  But, we must first LOVE ourselves before we can Love others and demand The Royal Treatment.


Your  Body
Create a Loving Environment
in Your Body. 
Focus on Respect & Appreciation for what 
Your Body does for You, 
in spite of what 
You do to It.
*   *   *

Ready to go out on the town? 
Do you have your heart in it, or are you just spending time with your sisterfriends? On the prowl or keeping up appearances? 
Too many times we go with friends when we prefer to be solo. You can be by yourself and NOT be lonely, in the same way you can be with a group and not be part of the gang. Chances are, if you do not have the desire to be out on the town, you will have a lousy time and be very bored before the intermission. Before you check the closet for something to wear, check  yourself!  Is it your time or Party time?

Soo Many Men
So Little Time

A flashy, smooth-talking hunk may make for a great date, but a man who is good husband material is a different breed altogether. Unfortunately, too many of us women are using the wrong criteria to search for Mr. Happily-Ever-After.

If you're attracted to a man because of his looks, you may struggle to stay interested as you both age. More importantly, a guy who spends hours at the gym and takes daily body-fat measurements isn't likely to be forgiving when your dress size creeps its way into the double digits. 

Women who aspire to be equal to men
Lack ambition.
Need a quick mood boost? 
Try smiling. Research has shown that flashing a toothy grin even when you don't particularly feel like it can make you feel great. And it can make others feel good about you, too, says Elaine Blechman, a professor of psychology at the University of Colorado. "When you smile, people are more likely to perceive you as friendly, confident and outgoing.

The Lips Say It!

Your lipstick color will last if you apply one coat, blot by pressing your lips together on a tissue and then apply another coat. This won't leave lips feeling dry the way powdering your lips between coats can. To turn your daytime mouth into a nighttime look, dab a shimmery gloss on the center of your bottom lip.
Be the Rage at Any Age
Are you 50 and patterning yourself after Christina Aguilera? Do you still see yourself as Gidget in those beach movies, just as you have for the last 30+ years? Discard some of those role models who have outlived their usefulness & grow older gracefully & powerfully with some kick ass role models of "a certain age".  Look to sexy sirens to see how gracefully & sinuously you can slink into your golden years. Have you seen Raquel & Tina lately. . .they are seniors.
Demand a Dream Life
"Women who live the Life of Their dreams don't get there by being dainty & darling. They demand what they want and do what it takes to make it happen.  That could mean breaking a few rules, a few hearts & a few habits along the way, especially the habit of apologizing for who you are."

Mr. Perfect

Shopping for . .

Flirting or Cheating?

Men Oh Pause

Our Bodies


  • We know the truth about whether size matters.
  • New lipstick gives us a whole new lease on life. 
  • We don't have to fart to amuse ourselves.

    What do you think is Victoria's Secret? 
    • She does not know Size!
    • Her world is in Pink!
    • Bras only come in ABC!
    • She designs for Men.
    • Dressed up means going nowhere!


    We know a fashion faux pas when we see it walking down the street. We secretly cringe at someone wearing white pants with black trouser socks. We look the other way at low-rise jeans with too much thong showing, not to mention the belly that looks like a scarf tied around the waist! So why can't we spot these fashion flubs when we make them ourselves?  We are not truly looking, we are just posing for the mirror!

    For Your Entertainment
    The articles found here are from various publications and internet sites, just in one place, more accessible to YOU.  We promise to keep the articles fresh and entertaining. Please bookmark this page and visit often.
Life's Success Explained

At age 4, success is not peeing your pants.
At age 12, success is having friends.
At age 20, success is having sex.
At age 35, success is making money.
At age 60, sucess is having sex.
At age 70, success is having friends.
At age 80, success is not peeing your pants.

The Pap Test
Are You Getting the Best Pap Test? A more effective Pap test, known as the ThinPrep, has been available for several years, and many doctors still don't routinely administer it unless requested, relying on the older, less accurate "smear" test out of habit. If you want to make sure you get this newer test at your next checkup, simply demand it.  Not only will you be taking the right steps to protect your own health, but you'll be helping to make the ThinPrep test become the national standard.




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